Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Disease Compare And Contrast

we created a compare and contrast about the flu epidemic 1918 and ebola outbreak 2016

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My Pepeha

Michael’s Pepeha
WALT-To write a pepeha
No Auckland āhau
Ko  Puketāpapa  tōku maunga
Ko Manukau  tōku moana
Ko Halsey Drive te kura
Ko Terrance Guillard tōku papa    
No Auckland ia   
Ko Angela Wills tōku mama     
No Auckland ia     
Ko Tony Wills raua ko Maurice Guillard tōku Koro     
No New Zealand ia    
Ko bete heke raua ko shirley sands tōku Kuia   
No New Zealand ia     
Ko Giselle tōku Teina

Ko Michael tōku ingoa   

We created a extended version of out pepeha from year 4 using the knowledge of our family. A pepeha (by the way) is a Maori way of greeting somebody

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sky Of Wings

WALT-use descriptive language when retelling moments in a narrative
As I glance up to the sky hopelessly looking for some sort of help, something strange emerges out of the balls of fluff. As the strange object floats through the sky, closer to my ship it starts to look like a bird, a big bird, a colossal bird. When I look behind my sky ship I see hundreds of them slowly drifting calmly around my airship. As I watch the creatures float gently past they start to make a slow loud slow burk burk burk sound. When one flies close to my ship I get the chance to feel the animal. As I stroke the levitating animal Its feathers feel soft and smooth but when I stroke it the other way it feels hard. I also get a better look at the animal and I can tell that the animal is brown but then a white one flies past. As the White bird floats past as they look at me in wonder with their big orange eyes. I can see each foot had three big claws on it. As I run to the front of the great airship, a GIANT egg falls from the sky Into the bright glowing white clouds. As the Gigantic creatures float away I know this is going to be a one time experience.

For writing we watched a video about flying turtles and a man in the sky on a ship. We had to change the turtles do different animals and describe the type of animal.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Sunday, 2 July 2017

My Speech

           The craziest inventions

I'm so bored of normal day inventions like bikes, butter, doors, pencil cases. I want something different. I want something crazy, something that was made for fun. Here are four of the most craziest inventions that will make you wonder  why they were created and what's the point of even having one.

Do you wish you could have a self mopping mop. Well your wish has just come true with the baby mop. It might sound silly but it's true. The baby mop is a small onesie  that costs around $50 dollars. The baby mop has small mops on the arms and legs so when your baby crawls around it mops the floor. It’s great idea for mopping if you have to do other things at the same time and plus it’s fun for the baby.

Butter can come in all different shapes and sizes from rectangles to circles but have you ever heard of the Butter Stick Type. Imagine a gluestick without the glue inside but with butter inside… and yes you eat it. It costs $14 dollars from amazon. I think this crazy invention can come handy when you have lunch because it's small so it can fit in your pocket and It is easy to use.

Do you ever try to power your bike by running instead of using the pedals, well this invention is probably for you. The Foot Powered Bike. The foot powered bike is a lightweight bike with no pedals or gears. You strap yourself into the seat that faces to the ground and you run. It has a v shaped gap at the front for your head to go in and it has fully working handles and brakes  This bike is yellow and it is taller than most bikes and it has no seats

Ping pong is a fun game that's basically like mini tennis but it can take up a lot of space in your house. Have no fear, the ping pong door is here. It’s a door and it’s a ping pong table at the same time. When it's in door form it can be flipped onto its side to make a ping pong table in the doorway. In ping pong mode it can be flipped back up and used as a fully working door. Isn’t that smart. The ping pong door comes with its own net and paddles. I think this is a really great invention to have at home because it is fun and it doesn't make up to much space

Now do you want to be sitting at home with your boring modern day inventions or do you want to have a silly crazy invention. Well now you know of some of the world’s craziest inventions so you can get out there and buy some crazy inventions!